Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn modifications that can be made to improve your MDS accuracy.
  2. Gain insight into easily implemented methods that can increase CMI and RUG scores, while eliminating revenue leakage.
  3. Better understand how ARD selection can increase reimbursement.
  4. Get valuable tips on how to increase staff satisfaction, decreasing staff turnover.
  5. Learn how to leverage an EHR to attract new residents.

About PointClickCare
PointClickCare’s cloud-based software platform connects healthcare providers across the senior care continuum with regulatory compliant solutions for improved resident outcomes, enhanced financial performance and staff optimization.
Dan Giannini, National Account Executive

30 min
While many senior care organizations focus on cost control to maintain healthy operations, they often neglect the opportunities that result from improving their documentation. Documenting more thoroughly and accurately prevents leakage and ensures providers are reimbursed for the care they provide.

Join PointClickCare as we discuss common challenges that senior care organizations face when trying to maximize their reimbursement. Learn how you can leverage best practices and technology to optimize reimbursement. Our subject matter expert, Dan Giannini, will demonstrate how to identify problems in advance, steps to take to avoid complex calculations, and help you master the business of reimbursement.